As we begin to step into the vibrant bloom of spring, I am excited to share with you the latest updates and highlights from our ongoing efforts. 

I would like to extend a special word of thanks to each of you who contributed to our Annual Appeal. As of the beginning of January, we have received $8,803 in donations. Your generosity has been nothing short of inspiring! Your donations will continue to play a crucial role in the success of our 2024 initiatives and overall financial health of The Bay View Historical Society. 

I am pleased to share that we also had over 150 members renew their membership or join the Society, bringing in just shy of $3,500. Thank you for encouraging your neighbors and friends to join! Keep spreading the word!

In late November, we decorated the house with garlands, bows, a Christmas tree, and other seasonal décor.  A special thank you to Nancy Tawney and Susan Herzfeld for assisting me with decorating. We completed just in time for two different Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee tours to be held by Bill O’Brien. Both tours were well attended and educated participants about Warren and Beulah Brinton, the BB house, Bay View, and the Historical Society. Thank you, Bill, for leading a wonderful event!

In January, the Archives committee reached a very important milestone. They officially have finished cataloging all the items in the BB House! The team has been working for 6+ years on this very large effort. All the items are now cataloged in museum software that allows us to keep track of them in a professional manner. Next the team hopes to determine which items can be grouped as exhibits and which might need to be passed on due to lack of historical relevance to Bay View. The house has a predefined amount of space and they hope to utilize it the best they can.

Do not forget that our trivia nights at The Sugar Maple continue to occur on the last Wednesday of every odd month (March 27th, May 29th, July 31st) at 7pm. We also continue to hold our open houses the first Saturday of every month from 1-4pm. 

Our committees continue to be hard at work planning events for 2024. Watch future Historians, your emails and Facebook for official event announcements!


Margaret Herzfeld

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