“Bay View Historical Society: Celebrating 40 Years of History” tells the story around the community of Bay View residents and volunteers who came together to form the Bay View Historical Society (BVHS), Wisconsin’s only neighborhood historical society.

Interviews with early charter members, including John Gurda and many others, talk of lively, heartfelt beginnings of those who are passionate about the history of their community.

Ron Winkler, author and historian for the BVHS documents the many historic walks and landmark dedications that the BVHS has held over the years.

Kathy Mulvey, chair of the archives committee, details their continuing efforts to fulfill BVHS’ mission of conserving, celebrating and sharing Bay View’s rich heritage.

Susan Ballje & Bill O’Brien discuss the BVHS’s role in community education.

Nancy Tawney & Kathy Mulvey describe how the Beulah Brinton house was obtained to become the current home of the Bay View Historical Society. Ellen Tucker, great, great grand-daughter of Beulah Brinton, highlights her childhood growing up at the Beulah Brinton house.

Current and former board members provide an outline and vision for the Bay View Historical Society in the future.

“Bay View Historical Society: Celebrating 40 Years” captures the interest of all who enjoy history, especially those who live in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood.

Susan Ballje, Ilona Bauer, John Ebersol, John & Mary Fisher, Ken Germanson, John Gurda, Beth Hildebrand, Bob & Erin Lenz, Janis Liedtke, Anne Maedke, Kathy & Frank Mulvey, Bill O’Brien, Ruth Simos (2006), John Sternkopf, Jane Taugher, Nancy Tawney, Paul Troglia, Ellen Tucker, John Utzat, Greg Wernisch, Ron & Alice Winkler

Producer/Director/Editor: Kevin Petajan. Director of Photography: Bryce Richards. Lighting Design: Steve Gruszecki. Assistant Producer: Heather Taylor. Make-up: Isabella Petajan. Second Camera: Charlie Petajan. Craft Service: Jane Winston. Music: Soundstripe. Special thanks to Plum Media.

©2020 Bay View Historical Society


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